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Bad Breeder #1 INFERNO BLUE KENNELS - Owned By - Matt peters
Location - Steager , IL.
Address : Private for now

On 6 / 05 / 06
I received a phone call from one of my home boys who told me my dog
was dead I asked what happened and was told that they were told that
Ritzkracker died from staples placed inside of her and a twisted uterus

I told my home boy thats some B.S and to contact the person that I sold
my dog to Mat Peters from : Inferno Blue Kennels
When I spoke to Mat apparently she died while performing a C section
to retrieve puppies stuck in her uterus
Mat told me that his vet in IL said that Ritz was over bred and that she
should not have been bred in all this other B.S and so he begained
to blame my vet for using staples inside of her uterus I told Mat the vets down
in Cali dont use no Damn staples they use Catgut which is a dissolvable stitch
and I told him Ritz was only bred Twice - Once with PSYCHO and once to The Hulk "
and with the Hulk puppies she did need a C-section once and i was there while
the vet in Cali performed the C-Section and he used Catgut not staples
so some body is F@#$%$^ Lying !!!!!!!!!
so your vet if """" he did tell you that then he is a straight lier !

I told Mat to get an Autopsy done and I would pay for it
and to send me half of the vet bills and I would take care of it
he told me not to worrie about it but he would do an Autopsy I continued
and said I want full access to Ritz's medical records down in
IL he said ok I then told him that after the Autopsy is done down there
that I would want my vet Dr. Steven Butchko to also perform an Autopsy
Mat said cool he didn't have a problem with it.
Mat gave me the cell phone number to the vet Office manager and
told me he saw everything the staples, the twisted uterus everything
so then on Tuesday I called the office manager in IL and spoke to Paul
he said he didn't see nothing and that he wasn't even there I explained to
the office manager that I will get with Mat about having her body brought
Down to Cali for an Autopsy and Paul said he understands.

So the next morning I get a message from Mat going off telling me
how dare I try to get the dog sent down there behind his back and all he has to do is
post that on the internet and my Kennel is done and my dogs is done
and all this other B.S ( I still have both of Mats Message Saved on my phone )
as if he is all innocent an sh$# and all this other
B.S so then I called him up and went off on him back and told him that Paul couldn't have told you
that I was going behind your back and you already said I can have my vet perform
an Autopsy any f@#%^%$ way whats the F#@$%^% problem Now Mat ??

he continued to say that if I was a good breeder I would simply give him another
dog or his money back I said ok I will give you back the $2900 you paid for Ritz

which includes shipping crate and travel certificate
now send me her body and her puppies he refused I said ok then just send me the
body he refused, I said ok I will send you $3500 send me her corpse he refused
I said I WILL GIVE YOUR F@#$%$^ A#$ $4.0000 and pay for the Air travel, crate, and
any F@#$%^%$ thing I must to get her back here THIS MAN REFUSED he said he's
going to have her cremated and that he will send me half of the ashes I WENT OFF!!!
He then insinuated That well sense I still have JUAN E'THA GOTTI he would
then trade Ritz's Body for Her I SAID YOU MUST BE OUT OF YOUR
FUCKING MIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so then he said that he loved Ritz
she never saw a kennel, she was a house dog and that he took really good care of
her and that he will never send her back so then
I get the dam fax from
Mats Vet of Ritz's Medical History as his a#@ is going on and on about how
he took good care of the dog and the Dam report said on 12 / 01 / 05
she was brought in for old wounds sustained in a F@#$%^& pit bull fight
and her ear was Ripped and needed 6 staples
then on 3 / 20 / 06 she was in another pit bull fight and sustained wounds on
her ear and legs THEN on 6 / 05 / 06 she was brought in for a C-section
and Temp, Pulse and everything was slightly elevated cause unknown
Csection retrieved 8 pups total 1 died stuck in the birth canal
the his vet also noted that he made and incision to retrieve a puppy
UNUSUALLY High in the left Horn and retrieval / cut caused Artery tare
and she began to bleed to death immediate steps were taken and she was given
2 units of Blood according to the DAM Vet Report from INFERNO BLUE KENNELS
Vet however not knowing the dogs Blood type she reacted negatively to the
transfusion and immediately suffered withdrawals slipped into a brief comma
and died there was no I repeat NO Trachea Tube (Throat Hose for air )in position according
To the DR Notes.

I questioned Mat Peters Integrity seeing though according to his own
vets statement that Mat Peters lied to me about everything I was told by
Dr. Kolinda Mats Vet when I was aloud to speak to him that I was misinformed
and the Medical Records in which they faxed to me
Bares what really happened.

Days latter Dr. Kolinas office was instructed
by Mat Peters not to discuss no further information about
Mikelands / All Beefs Ritzkrackerjack to anyone especially me.

I also learned that Ritzes Uterus was twisted due to a drug called
Pectocin which makes the Uterus contracts this is what I believe
Mat Peters used on Ritz and the reason I requested an Autopsy
because if he did use that it would show up in a Blood test
and this is one of many reasons why he didn't want to
send Ritz's body back
How many dog Corpses do anyone know out there that
Is worth $4000.00 this man had something to hide.

But Mat thinking I was born F@#$%^@ yesterday and assumed that I would not
Investigate this matter all of a sudden stop calling me.
On 6 / / 06 I emailed Mat letting him know that he violated our contract
by fighting Ritzkrackerjack and concealing the matter twice "
and that I wanted her body returned and that I wanted Keebler a Hulk and Ritz
daughter in which he bought from me before buying Ritz but latter
gave her to another Kennel without my knowledge
Ritzkrackerjack was DNA Profiled and The HULK was also DNA profiled
along with the 3 daughters born from that 1 time only breeding
anyone buying or thinking about buying a puppy from INFERNO BLUE KENNELS
BUYERS BEWARE . . . . NONE OF Ritzkrackerjacks puppies will have papers

If you would like a Ritz story banner please email me and I will send you one with link attached
lets not allow this to happen to another dog.


Photos and
Medical records will be posted soon.