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Puppies Page

Our puppies are known all over the world
we are very good at what we do and offer
We are Californias finest
ABK Puppies are 1 1/2 year Health Guarantee
8 In 1 dewormed 4 times total before going to there new home,
Calcium supplement ensured,
DHLPPC and DMPPC vaccinated,
Heart wormed protected,
Kennel cough vaccinated,
DNA profiled upon request at the exspence of the new buyer
Cat litter boxed trained starting at 3 weeks old
Our puppies Sleeps soundly through each nite
Obeys 3 basic commands,
follow instructions upon request.
$200 pet evaluated Insured
Brand New Travel crate Free of charge while supplies last
Within USA shipping cost $250.00

Ask about our return buyer offer
Excellent referral program
Buy back policy
We will match all competitors contracts and sometimes prices depending
on quality of breed and bloodline offers within reason

We ship world wide
Can other Kennels offer the same ? We think not.

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