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These are a few other Reputable Kennels are in my personal opinion
are second to none we screen and research all Kennel Links added to make sure they are 100%
If they arent on this link page then all buyers are litterally buying at your own risk

Duff Kennels
Texas River Bottom
Canyon Pits
Zen Style Pits
Lowrider Kennels
Trevinos Bully yard
Breakin Da' Chain Kennels
Texas Blue Thunder Kennels
Blue Blood Kennels
If you would like to be added to our link page send us your link
please be patient all links are screened before added.
ABK just dont refer our viewers to just any Kennel
Please be adviced that if your link is added and ours is not added to your
links page then we will immediately remove your link ( We require mutual linking )
Thank you